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Polypropylene fibers Beton-fib is used as an ingredient in concrete, mortar, plaster, screed, cement, bitumen and bituminous mixtures. The reason for the use of these fibers is to reduce failures and prevent cracks from plastic shrinkage and settlement. Adding fiber concrete-fib in concrete or mortar will cause: a radical elimination of shrinkage cracks on the concrete surface and throughout its volume, internal treatment of capillary cracks, increasing the strength parameters of concrete (mortar), increased strength and durability of concrete (mortar) frost, increase resistance abrasion and grinding. Polypropylene fiber concrete-fib with a length of 6mm, 12mm, 19 mm is added in množstv 0, 9 kg per 1 m3 of concrete or mortar. The fibers are added to the concrete mix after adding aggregate and before adding the cement, water and liquid additives in concrete mixers and blenders. Mixing minutes concrete mass causes uniform distribution of fibers. Adding fiber Beton-fib does not require additional treatment other than those required EU5standard. When using fiber concrete-fib must be adhered to technological process mixing - about 5 minutes.