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Polymer fibers in concrete are made of a special mixture of polypropylene and polyethylene, also called polymer steel. Ensures the residual strength of concrete and concrete with fibers, unlike plain concrete considered as structural concrete. Concrete fiber-fib replace welded mesh and steel fibers in concrete floor slabs-on natural subsoil, where stress redistribution and allow the full use of the strength of plates at minimal cost. A very efficient and very effective is the use of fibers in the floor screed. The fibers do not rust and do not require coating. Concrete fiber-fib increase the fire resistance of concrete structures. It is possible that after sublimation at high temperature during a fire in a volume of concrete generate millions of tubes in which they can expand the water vapor present in the concrete. Fibres are used for all types of concrete that require toughness, resistance of the external cracks and increased water resistance. Suitable for all types of concrete and mortar mix concrete, sprayed concrete, curbs, sidewalks, roadways, ramps, walls, ceilings, plaster, mortar. Concrete fiber-fib can be dosed directly in the production of concrete batching plant at or during transport directly into the truck into dry mixture or shotcrete during the preparation of the mixture. The fibers are added to the mixture at the start of mixing, when added at the end of mixing is necessary to extend the mixing time of about 5 minutes at full speed stirring to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Dosage: 2.5 kg/m3 for concrete and cement screeds to replace auxiliary welded steel mesh (garages, basements, etc.), 3.0 kg/m3 in the floor boards on the natural subsoil (production, storage and sales hall), screeds on insulation and underfloor heating, pre-cast concrete. 4.0 kg/m3 in heavily loaded floor slabs travels with heavy forklifts and trucks, warehouse shelving, etc..